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Amazing Discovery Number 3 That Won’t Make You Question Anything

And so we come to the next Amazing Discovery that will only make the most gullible and credulous question everything. This one – the “Hidden Character Stone” – is so bizarre that I frankly don’t understand how anyone could believe the claims made for it. So, here we go with a continuation of Spirit Science’s […]

10 Amazing Discoveries That <del>Will</del> Won’t Make You Question Everything

Sometimes, just the name of a website is enough to make my heart sink. So, when my partner began reading out the name of a page that a mutual friend had ‘Liked’ on Facebook, I had an awful feeling of déjà vu: Spirit Science. As if to confirm my worst fears, the Welcome page includes […]

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The James the Just ossuary

...  bone box of James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus Biblical archaeology seems particularly prone to fraud, especially of ...  first century CE was to lay out bodies of the wealthy in family tombs until all the flesh had decayed and subsequently to gather up the ...

Royston Cave: a secret Templar shrine?

...  above). Here, the Passion of Christ is depicted, with Jesus on the cross, attended by two people who have been identified as the ...  the Invention of the Cross by St Helena, the Holy Family, a major effigy of St Laurence, the Conversion of St Paul, King William ...

The Turin Shroud

...  been claimed as the burial shroud of the Jewish prophet Jesus of Nazareth, in whose name the Christian religion was founded. It is thus ...  stepmother Jeanne) asking for permission to show the family’s shroud. Presumably, this was because of Bishop Henri de Poitiers’s ...