It came from outer space…

This section covers claims that ancient human beings were too stupid to have achieved anything by themselves, so they needed guidance from outside. In our technological age, we need no longer believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden or in heavenly gods. So when the ancients wrote about gods in the sky, they must have really meant all those kind extraterrestrials who came down and gave us the benefits of culture, or perhaps they mean those nasty aliens who planted us here as slaves to provide them with minerals, women and entertainment; or perhaps they mean those big-eyed aliens who occasionally abduct people even today and give them embarrassing and painful anal probes…

Or are we the aliens? Could humanity have arisen on another planet to be transplanted here at some time in the distant past? Might our ancestors be the result of genetic manipulation of hominin ancestors? Might we be a race of mutants, half alien, half terrestrial? Of course not, but we have have a giggle at these ideas along the way.

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