Theosophy: mix-and-match religion

Helena Petrovska Blavatsky (1831-1891)
Helena Petrovska Blavatsky (1831-1891)

Theosophy was the brainchild of Helena Petrovska Blavatsky (1831-1891), a charismatic character with a varied and colourful background (from sweatshop worker to circus bareback rider, from mistress of a Slovenian singer to professional pianist) and in the 1870s was living in New York, where she discovered that she could find easy work as a medium. In 1875 she and her then partner, Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907), a New York lawyer who had left his family for her, founded the Theosophical Society and moved to India.

In 1882, Madame Blavatsky sent letters written by her alleged Master, Koot Hoomi Lal Sing (said to have ‘ascended’ in 1889), to an Anglo-Indian newspaper editor, although handwriting analysis later appeared to indicate that she had written them herself. Worse, some of the contents of the letters plagiarised the work of Henry Kiddle (1824-1891), an American educator and spiritualist, as he pointed out himself. The letters contained an eclectic mix of Western occultism, Indian mysticism and nineteenth-century popular science, revealing a seven-based cosmology in which there are seven planes of existence, seven Root Races of humanity, seven bodies possessed by each human being and seven cycles of evolution. The world, it turns out, is ruled by a secret Brotherhood of Mahatmas who beam occult energies from their hidden base in Tibet. This cosmology later formed the basis of a massive work, The Secret Doctrine (1888), written by Blavatsky in Europe after she had been forced to leave India when her unhappy ex-housekeeper had exposed her magic feats as fraudulent to a Mumbai newspaper in 1884.

Sunken continents, root races and other fantasies

Mme Blavatsky claimed that The Secret Doctrine was based on a lost Atlantean religious work, which she said was called The Stanzas of Dzyan, supposed to be the first book ever written. The Secret Doctrine works as a commentary on the Stanzas: it is also their only source. According to the Stanzas as revealed by Mme Blavatsky, the first humans (or ‘First Root Race’) had existed only on an astral plane, living in the ‘Imperishable Land’ at the North Pole. The Second Root Race also lived in the arctic, on the lost continent of Hyperborea. Like most other ‘lost continents’, Hyperborea broke up and sank, in this case beneath the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. The third Root Race comprised the Lemurians. They were bandy-legged, egg-laying hermaphrodite apes (some with four arms, some with eyes in the back of their head), 3.7 m (twelve feet) tall. They were contemporary with dinosaurs, which they kept as domestic animals. When the Lemurians discovered sex, their fate was sealed and the continent followed Hyperborea in sinking beneath the waves. The offspring of the Lemurians’ sexual adventures was the fourth Root Race: fully human Atlanteans, guided into human form by adepts from Venus. After the drowning of Atlantis, the fifth Root Race – modern humans – evolved; the sixth Root Race is about to evolve in North America, while the seventh will one day develop in South America.

The ordinary members of the Theosophical Society (who included otherwise perfectly rational and intelligent people) never seemed to see through Mme Blavatsky’s bizarre charade and regarded her exposure as a fraud as the machinations and lies of people with grudges. She had made little effort to cover her tracks and her true history is easily uncovered and confirmed by those who wish to do so, but the Theosophical Society’s official biography resolutely ignores the facts to glorify its founder. It continues to regard Blavatsky as a saint and her farrago of evolutionary history as a true account of human origins. The growing scientific understanding of archaeology, anthropology and geology has resulted in a chasm between the beliefs of Theosophy and scientific knowledge, exactly as it has impacted on other forms of religious fundamentalism. The Society still exists, but no longer has a large or influential membership. Nevertheless, it became an important source for much of the New Age belief system, with its eclectic mix of religious and pseudo-scientific philosophies.

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  1. There is no god other than the Angelic Architect or the Khmer. He is with you since you were not finally born.You don’t have to say: God be with you. He is with you everywhere.In the toilet,work or having funs and even when you make love he help you to gain what you want for pleasure. He is the Khmer,the real god.When you die he is still with you until your body is discomposed.What more do you want? You don’t have to make your face looked like being worried too much. Only the Khmer that can make you happy since now being alive to being dead. TheSiphy.

  2. The word Khmer seems to be strange to the new comers as the dominant creatures on Earth called the human beings who are trying to understand what is all about and the man who idententifies himself as the KC’s man is also a human being,but he is not regular and he’s not an extremest for anything.His being unregular is he is able or capable to decode the Cosmic Scan-Codes in modern word or the KC’s Scripture in the Khmer ancient word that are sent or sending or will be sent by the Reps of the Redshifts’ superclusters channels or grooves of the Virgin Cluster Center or the Cosmic core or the Big Bang Collapsed Core.This man is me,theSiphy, and I am so dummy about the cosmic matters and I’m typing and decoding the codes at the same time that’s all I’m allowed to.The KC or the Khmer has brought to this Earth by Kambujj from the Reserved Planet of the Cosmic Core two Fundamental Principle Domains which are the Spiritual Concept or the TREE MOTHER and the Physical Concept or the GRANTED SPACE TRAVELLER.

  3. I told you,the world,that I’m dummy.If you gave or give or will me the hard time to use your blog,I’ll be giving up and please take my name out. and the world would get lost for ever.The Earth’s creatures cannot control or know about the celestial bodies,but only the KC or the Khmer.

  4. The KC’s scripture is in the writing of words and the KC’s Cosmic Scan is the codes given by the Cosmic Headquarters’ Reps called the Redshifts’ Reps.These both are the same meaning of the religious law or dharma of the KC. The cosmic scanned codes will lead you,the world,to religiously see and comprehend the all everything that exist in the cosmic space including all stars and planets.It’s a part of the Physical Concept of KC.It will give you,the world,the positive and negative news or information relevant to the celestial bodies and their living beings that live on or in it.All the celestial bodies are controled by the Big Bang Collapsed Core’s Commissioner,an official who is in charge all the celestial moving systems called God by the Earth human.On Earth and as all planets in the cosmos is ruled by the Incarnations.It’s the Spiritual Concept.

  5. The Cosmic Commissioner in KC is NOT a God.It’s a living being that could be a male or female human like specie from anywhere in the cosmos.He or she is chosen or elected amoung the Granted Space-travellers at the Virgin Clusters Center or the Cosmic-Neutron star or the Big Bang Collapsed Core of the universe.The Cosmic Commissioner is replceable by the cosmic yearly term and has an authority to (all these statements are from the former given cosmic-codes) conduct the necessary tasks relevant to the celestial bodies structures that are so dangerously active in moving too fast in the cosmos such as destroying any runaway star or black hole that might come too close to the solar systems that possess lifes and much much more etc.The real God called the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER is the Cosmic-Neutron Star or the Big Bang Collapsed Core.He is alive in his kind.He’s the cosmic machine.The size of this star is about the size of Saturn but be so cosmic-powerful.When the small cosmic piece of matters got hit by the palm of hand,it exploded that is why the deep-carved scar of the palm of hand with the five fingers left one on each side of his mid-surface-area.

  6. The each particle or atom of this very Cosmic-Neutron Star produced,produces and will produce the everything of the visible and invisible forms or symbols that exist in the beginning to nowadays universe such as wind,water, fire,plants kingdom such as tree and wood,living things etc.He is the Cosmic-CREATOR.How did the KC’s man involved in this particular religion?I have a TREE MOTHER that my father perfectly prepared for me the time I was born because my afterbirth is strange or different from my older brother.He was not around at a moment that I was really out of my mother’s wound until quite later.His midwife did all the works for my birth.When my father returned,the midwife asked him to do something the way the TREE MOTHER is reqired because this my placenta is not regular as usual that she had seen in her midwife work-life.I did’t realize that I have her until one day in the Killing Field’s era sometime in 1975,my father told me this kind of story and I also did not pay attention much due to my life was in the mess meaning in the war time.Since then,my life has moved on up and down as the way a human being is until this very second millennium of a.d. or k.c. began that is what I’m doing right now.Much more to come.

  7. The cosmic codes have just arrived compelling me to decode them right away to be revealed to the Earth dominant creatures as same as to all local galaxies GROUP cluster or the Supercluster groove planets’ dominant creatures of the Transparent Bodies Reps.But wait! I’ll do it when my introduction is finished.They are like this all the time,but when my life was in being jeopardized they came to rescue me that was back over thirty earthly years ago in my birth motherland.Someday,I’m going to ask them in my favor for doing this for them.If you,the world,can replace me,go ahead do it otherwise it has to be me doing this.Where are they coming from? The Andromeda’s Reps.,.,/9999earth will have life expectancy of a thousand earthly years from now for her dominant creatures with the palms of hands.How come?—///222@@there is the rich-chemical fluid that contains,what?,at the MOHO layer that would generate the special oxygen to the atmosphere to make life lived longer…,so,they can reach the reserved planet without being dead on the way to get there.It had been done alreay for some planets in the Milky Way galaxy.Your earth drains all the sources of energy such as Uranium,Photons,Electron ect. to support her life,but she keeps this fluid not to be used it for her future sake.[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]We’ll make her consumed it,but don’t be dared touching it when pocking her body.This code is very difficult to comprehend for the human mind to deal with.It is an Iron-alloy chemical fluid that wraps around her heart isn’t it?Hooow.

  8. The earthbound brainers might not think this code given by you,the Transparent Bodies of Andromeda,is true or important.Let this matter for you to decide.

  9. The Cosmic Neutron Star,a physically powerful core of the universe,naturally send out the pulses of energy as the radio waves to scan through all every pieces of the celestial properties,one after another,then the signals get bounced back from the objects that would pick up by the Reps of the Redshifts Headquarters at the Cosmic Clusters Center.Then,the Reps dispatch those official messages to all four Superclusters Grooves’ Reps to be delivered throughout the cosmic regions of the Local Galaxy-Clusters and so on.For the groove of the Milky Way’s family,the Reps are stationed at the Andromeda Galaxy,the Transparent Body.More to come..!

  10. The comprehension of the scaned codes is diffecult due to somes are relevant to the farthest objects in the universe perhaps billions and billions light-earthly years away that human mind on Earth cannot deal with it.thus,somes are sounded odd or negative and somes are preferably positive to us as human on Earth,but they are true natures in the cosmos where contais billion and billion stars and planets in each galaxy such as the Spiral Arms,the Sombrero,the Elliptical etc.

  11. The Spiritual Concept in KC allows the human being on Earth be able to communicate with the soul and/or spirit of their love one while being incubated or physically saved in their TREEMOTHER (the theory and formula brought by KAMBUJJ Desa to Earth two thousand earthly years ago) awaiting to be given a life protective-matching code to being reborn.The soul and/or spirit is the heat molecules that contain most in it the Proton, Neutron and also Photon atoms ect.So,you,the world, must have a compatible device to be used for performing in order to meet the needs.The TREEMOTHER,according to KC’s scripture,is very protective mother on her offspring against the evil spirits that come closer to her and she is very associated with the Fourth.She is the heaven on the all every planets in the cosmos.If,you are morally bad,please do not be closer to her or you must stay away from her.The watery or windy lightning by the Fourth might be applying that’s all she can conduct offensively to that kind of spirits.The all kinds of fresh blood are not allowd to be in her anxiety.

  12. Unless you,the world,promise you can do the way theSiphy can and do not think about TheSiphy is able to do anything to ?He or it is just a what ever you want to paint him on,an alien or an animal or what,a KC’s man? But,you,the world, very please,you have or gatta to know how to breack down the Andromeda’s codes otherwise you’ll be in big trouble.This is not a movie and it’s better not to do realize or know about of all these maters.It’s better just wait until what’s going to happen to you,the world.This is not theSiphy’s statement.He’s nothing,the world,but the Andromeda’s Reps you have to deal with if no TheSiphy.

  13. Good news for us as the dominant creatures on Earth.The Andromeda’s Reps have just revealed that all every idividual kinds of the space-travelers use the magnets to power their ships and doing something to the others for their survivals such as the out-Law-spaceship from one of the Elliptical galaxies that had done to Screth people on Mars then to a few more planets afterward.Thus,knowing the property and the power of the cosmic magnets is a must for the earthlies in order to defend our diamond planet and life from all any cosmic invasions.In addition to that, you,the world,must follow the trails of the KC’s cosmic scaned stories or events that would help to be very attentive in preparing oneself for in case of fetal turmoils occured.

  14. So,TheSiphy,a KC’s man,an Andromeda Reps’ codes breacker is so important to you,the world.Please do not hate him.He is helping you to physically alive,spirit and human body and especially,he is an American,a Khmer American.Please post the KC’s statement on 01/25/2012 in this blog.No doubt about me.I am SIPHY,a dummy,but you,the world,must recornize the place where I was born and the KC’s holy place otherwise,it’s not a joke.

  15. In KC,no such thing is so powerful than the cosmic space travelers.If not GRANTED,they are unpredictable because they are not religious and are not the care takers of the celestial bodies structures.

  16. The cosmic scanned codes are constantly arrived to Earth and to the other counterparts through out the cosmic superclusters including the Milky Way spiral Arms Galaxy channel from ,this time, the Redshifts’ Reps, all of them, requiring to being decoded right earthly now.???some celetial bodies such as Earth in the cosmos would have to *** naturally reverse their property physical structures in order to render themselves healthy and alive.Because of this,the crusts around their body that is supported by MANTLE liquid or fluid might get affected.@#!some planets had the whole city crust dropped down.^^^all the dominant creatures must have way to physically save themselves as many ++as they can.From where..?the Andromeda’s Reps.Earth had once done this by using the special reserved fluid at MOHO layer,but it had been just for her breathing.

  17. It is to prepare that when Earth switchs to consume her reserved special powerful fluid at the MOHO layer sometime in the short earthly future,the earthly dominant creatures will have their life expectency at least a thousand earthly years old.She’ll be doing such that because the pressures on her from the KHMER or the Agelic Architect God,a physical thing as a creator.And she has no Rep/ps, the GRANTED space traveler/ers.Her mother,the Sun, is dued to demolished by the Cosmic Commissioner,But,all the KC’s in the cosmos asked for an another chance.This is not a joke.The magnets are used to create and build things to save ourselves life,the mammals with the palm of hands.We don’t rule the universe,so nor someone else,but the nature does.The KC’s man must try to physically save life as much as he can.On Earth,why me..?

  18. How..?This is not possible to KC’s man who is just a codes breaker on Earth for the all cosmic Reps, not anything else.If the KC is lacking in good sense,it will be because the codes breaking flaws by revealing the nonsensical messages to the public and someone will get sent to be punished by given a life protective matching code of the Redshift’s Reps to take birth with the unpleasant female creature when dies.Still tons of cosmic scanned codes given to be decoded.

    1. Umm……saaaaaay whaaaaat?

      On an unrelated topic there is a good Cambodia restaurant in Vancouver called “Phnomh Penh”. You souold try it out since you seem to like Khmers so much. Watch out for the “rouge” variety though, they are prone to acts of genocide.

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