Metallic tube from St-Jean de Livet

Metallic tube from St-Jean de Livet (Calvados, France)

In 1968, the speleologists Y Druet and H Salfati claimed to have discovered a number of semi-ovoid metallic tubes they believed to be artificial in Cretaceous (Aptian) chalk at a quarry in St-Jean de Livet (Calvados, France), which they announced in a letter to the editors of Planète, a French magazine devoted to unsolved mysteries. The tubes were shaped identically, but their sizes varied between 30 and 90 mm in length, and 10 and 40 mm in width (Druet & Salfati 1969, 22). According to the authors of the letter (dated 30 September 1968), the objects were currently being studied by the Geomorphology Laboratory of the Université de Caen, but nothing further seems to be known about them. Several requests by the author for further information from the Department have failed to produce a response; Cremo and Thompson, in Forbidden Archeology state that they have had a similar lack of answer. Perhaps the Department has no records; perhaps staff are fed up with requests for information on something they either never dealt with or dealt with so long ago that none of the present staff has any knowledge about.