Lost continents

‘Lost’ continents and islands – land masses that no longer exist, having sunk beneath the surface of the sea – have long been discussed in literature. As fictional places, they can be settings for paradise or for hell; as hypotheses for the origins of known human cultures, they have the advantage of no longer being available for inspection and so can be populated by all manner of people with any variety of culture that takes the writer’s fancy.

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  1. Hey Keith,

    Have you seen the Lazeria Map Collection? It’s a two hour presentation of old maps. Very fascinating stuff. If you have seen it, or feel inclined to watch it, I am interested to know your thoughts on a few things. Mainly, the four large islands at the North Pole apparently depicted on many early maps, and the descriptions on some of the maps. I’d be interested what you have to say about Frisland (pictured upper right in the link below) though the wiki page on that seems clear enough.



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