Very ancient artefacts

A hammer from London (Texas, USA)
A hammer from London (Texas, USA), supposedly encased in stone over 100,000,000 years old

Some objects are claimed to be much too old to fit in with current models of human technological and social development or even with biological evolutionary schemes. Thus, there are claims for human artefacts from geological deposits that – on our current understanding of the chronology of the earth – cannot be accounted for by mainstream archaeology.

In this section, we examine whether or not these claims have any merit: have human being been on this earth for much longer than science currently believes or have geologists got the dating of the rocks all wrong?

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  1. Just commenting to say how much I appreciate this website and your tireless efforts to expose pseudoscience and conspiratorial malarkey. If I have to hear one more BS tinfoil hat comment about how the pyramids of Giza are bloody batteries I will literally transform into The Hulk and start smashing stuff. Thanks again and rock on.

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